Connecting a new Redmond

I am excited and proud to announce that I am running for Redmond City Council. As I reflect on the last few years since I first ran for office, I have watched as Redmond continues to grow.  When I first ran for City Council in 2017, it was clear then that Redmond was going through a lot of growing pains. Traffic was at its worst since I moved to the area, buildings were going up like weeds and people were moving to the area in droves.  

Two years later and things have improved in many of these areas, we are closer to having the first steps of true mass transit, many of the buildings that were going up are done or almost done and the community has continued to grow at a fast pace. But we are still missing a lot of what we need to be a world class city. We are not yet meeting the goals of #ConnectingRedmond I had set two years ago. 

Redmond is still the small town with growing pains.  We have not had much progress on new parks for our growing community and traffic continues to be challenging. There is still a lot of work to do to ensuring we are building a world class city that is a model in the Pacific Northwest.  

The current city council and Mayor have done a good job trying to keep up with the changes, but it is time we move into the next phase of building the Redmond of future that keeps its roots in the past.  

I am excited at so many young and diverse candidates challenging incumbents looking to make change. Our city needs to build a more inclusive future that cares for all of its citizens. As a candidate for city council, I want to help drive that change. How we work within our city to enable affordable housing, how we work with other cities in the region to address the growing number of people getting priced out of the market and how we ensure that all of our residents have a voice in the future of Redmond is critical. 

My extensive experience in the tech industry has taught me that everything we do today can be improved. We need to focus more on the lives of residents and how we can improve their quality of life. We need to listen to residents on the issues that make their day to day experiences difficult.  

My goals for the future of Redmond are simple: connecting our residents to their government, ensuring we have the services to support all of our residents, young and old, and building a community that we can be proud to leave to our future generations. 

I am looking forward to this election season to help drive us closer to building a vision for Redmond we can all be proud of. Join me on the journey to vet all the candidates, including myself, on what we will do to achieve the goal of a future Redmond we can all call home. The first opportunity will be the Primary in August and I am excited for the opportunity to be part of that change. 

Thank you for your support,


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